Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tasty Books and Zoomies

Mom says that I have been naughty again today. I don't know what she is talking about. Oh, that...that wasn't me. It was the Fluffies!

Hamish, I saw it in your mouth

Only because I had just gotten it away from them! I was framed!


Mom! Get out of my blog!

Anyways, after all of that Mom decided that it was time for a shower because my Nacho Flavoured Doritos smell was getting too strong. I tried to tell her that that is how Airedales are supposed to smell, but she wouldn't listen.

Now, I don't really mind water. In fact, Mom was running a bath for herself the other day and I voluntarily jumped in to test the water temperature. I do however lean against the wall in a very passive agressive sort of manner the whole time...otherwise she would think I was enjoying it.

The problem is that now I smell all sweet and coconutty. That's not manly at all! So afterwards I had to race around the house and rub myself all over everything to get rid of the smell. I also jumped up onto the couch and kicked everything out of the way. I then pulled some stuffing out of it because it looked rather tasty.

It wasn't. And I just ended up getting into trouble again...

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