Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Week In Review

What happened this week...

I had a bath

So I had to get rid of that sweet clean smell
Then I had a bad case of the zoomies
We have also had lots of fun playing with Fable this week
She likes hiding in Dad's bag. If we come too close she pokes us which scares us if we don't know she is there. She also likes to grab my tail and play with my beard. She chased Yuna off the couch last night because Yuna didn't like her tail being played with.
Fable also hides in a box and jumps in and out of it. When she does this I run away and try to get her to chase me.
She also has a very comfy little bed
Today she was hiding under a blanket and her and Yuna were pawing at each other through the blanket. Yuna bounced around and play bowed. Yuna got upset when I came over to see what was happening. Hmpf! Dunno why I couldn't have joined in!

Da smoothie also likes to pretend that she is a ferocious leopard