Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Team Cuddle

Mom has been sick lately so we have been working over time giving her lots of cuddles while she is unwell. Tonight for support we thought we should both lie on top of her while she caught up on her comics.

This looks like a job for Team Cuddle!

It has actually been pretty good having Mom home just because I get to spend most of the day on the couch or lounging in a chair.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Can I come up on the couch, Mom?

Mooooooommmmmm I want up on the couch!

Mom, if you don't let me up on the couch I am going to have the biggest tantrum ever!!!

Or I might just sleep right here.

Yeah...that'll show you...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bathtime and more fun things...

Hey there, Yuna here. I have hijacked Hammy's blog to tell you about my week.

Early in the week Mom decided that I needed a bath because some strange Airedale keeps rolling me around the ground (it is really quite rude. I mean, I will just be standing there and he will race up and crash tackle me. Or sometimes, I am just standing there, trying to wee and he will grab a mouthful of wrinkles and drag me away. Rude, right?!) Anyways! Hammy was driving Mom a bit nuts because she was trying to fill up the tub to give me a bath and he kept jumping in! So I thought this must be something great, right? Wrong! She put me in the tub and it was the most horrible thing ever! I thrashed about and had a cry so she would stop the torture. Mom ended up putting me in the shower to finish washing me. It was sort of like being rained on. I didn't like it, but it was no where near as bad as that tub thing.

Then it was Hammy's turn. I laughed.

Here are some photos of us playing this morning.

Can you see the fear in his eyes? He knows I'm gonna get him!

Got him! Ha Ha!

Look at them wrinkles fly!
Quiet, you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

When it Rains...

Sorry for the lack of posting but it has been a pretty crazy week.
Yuna has been sick, just has a bit of a cough, but is still her bouncy playful self. Rove has been a bit unwell as well and yours truly has a hip injury. The vet said that because I am such an excitable bouncy dog (canine pogo stick?) one of my hip joints has become inflamed. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but if I have been laying down for a while my right leg is sore when I have to get back up. It doesn't stop me from running around though and playing (mom thinks this may be part of the problem)

I think I am going to start referring to it as a sporting injury as that sounds cooler.
Hopefully it is something that I will just grow out of, but in the meantime I have to have chiropractic treatment. I had to have x-rays earlier in the week and while I was at home snoozin' on my bed, still feelin' a bit groggy from the anaesthetic, Yuna did her best to try and cheer me up. She would bring me things to play with like toys and Mom's slippers. She is a good sis.

People think I sleep weird but check this out

A big thank you to Oskar for my new award. You're awesome, man!

Don't forget that today is Mother's Day so be sure to give your Mom a big sloppy kiss and a hug. Whatever you do, don't be a big slacko like my mom. She's sending a gift soon, I promise!