Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad Ham

Psst...wanna hear a story?
Last night Hamish was just lying around the house while Mom was using the computer. He made some odd noise at some stage but looked normal enough so we thought nothing more about it.
Then he went to sleep. Sometimes Ham has bad dreams and he started having one, he was crying and his eyes were rolling back in his head. Mom called his name to wake him up. He then started making weird clacking noises with his teeth while walking around really slowly. Mom was concerned and went to check him out and his teeth were clamped really tight. By this time Mom was freaking out and was afraid that he had really had a seizure or something. Hamish ran away and Mom and Dad went after him to get a better look.
He had a plastic bathtub plug in his mouth.
Apparently he had stolen it earlier and had been very cleverly hiding it in his mouth. Then he fell asleep with it still in his mouth so Mom wouldn't find it! Then he was being difficult because he didn't want her to take it off of him.
So Mom was pretty angry with him for causing her to be upset for nothing and taking better care where she puts the bathtub plug in the future. Is he a doofus or what?
And now for some random pictures from the week

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ham and the Beach

Today it was my turn at the beach and I had a great time!
You would have hated it, Yuna. The tide was pretty high so there wasn't always much toom to walk.
I hated it anyways...
Check it out, Yuna...I'm in the water!
Still in the water

Yep, lookin' cute in the doesn't scare me!
You know what else doesn't scare me? Tree stumps! I sniffed it and it knew who was boss!
Then we went for a walk in the forest and I saw some big birds

I wanted to eat this one, but I wasn't allowed

We also saw some big blue-tongued lizards, but Mom wasn't quick enough with the camera. Shame you weren't there, Yuna!

Aw, do we have to go home already?

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Princess and the Beach

Today Mom took me to the beach.
Nope...I hated it
You what?!
Hated it. You know I don't like water...all that sand isn't any better. Then there were people and dogs getting in my face...and a tree stump
You were afraid of a tree stump?
I don't want to talk about it...
Can we go home yet?

What about now?

That's it I'm going to the car...

Home, now!
Yay, tomorrow is my turn! can't wait to see this scary tree stump...
Shut up.