Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Lens and New Toy

Mom got a new lens and we got a new toy so it seemed like a good time for some pics.

You there, less talking and more throwing

I'm bored. Can we go inside now?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Naughty Tally

It has been an extraordinary week of lets take a look at the results...


Chewed the top off a jar of Blu-Tac, then ate the Blu-Tac
Spent a few days throwing up the Blu-Tac and then re-eating it
(usually while everyone was trying to sleep)
Stole the top off Grandpa's burger when no one was looking


Broke Mom's camera
Broke a figure



Bothering people while they sleep by tickling them in the face with his whiskers
Pulling back everyone's covers while they sleep (keeping in mind it's winter)
Kneading people's tracheas while they are trying to sleep


(Mom greatly values her sleep)


I think you will find I was the only one who was perfect this week.

Didn't you eat one of Fable's toys?

That wasn't proven.

I suspect the noxious farts were proof enough


Come to think of it, I don't think Rove did anything either. He has spent most of the time sleeping in his basket on top of the fridge.

Unless you count looking menacing being naughty

So I guess the only ones who really behaved themselves were the goldfish out in the pond.

Yeah, but that is only because they are hibernating...otherwise I am sure they would have chewed up someone's shoe.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


You see this? This is the face of naughtiness
And this? The face of a clumsy kitten.
Yesterday Fable was on top of Mom's desk. She was walking along the edge pretending that she was a tightrope walker when she lost her balance. She flailed about trying to grab onto something to prevent her fall. She grabbed onto the camera strap which only caused the camera to fall to the ground with her.

Fable is fine.

Camera is unwell. The lens is broken.

The momma is very unhappy and is threatening to put Fable out for Council pick up along with the broken tv and the chewed up pool.

So if you drive by our house...and Fable is sitting by the curb...then you know it happened.