Sunday, October 25, 2009


We are very upset.

I'm not...I'm happy-go-lucky

No, we are very upset.


Because Mom and Dad got new couches and we are not allowed on them. I am very upset and put on my most "hard done by" look when they get to lie on the couch.

But look, the old ones are outside so we can just go out there whenever we want to lie on some couches. Don't tell, but I have been destuffing them as well..oh, Hello!

Um...we weren't doing anything...see, just playing with duckie.

Having the couches outside also makes for a good obstacle course

mmm...there's a bit of grass with my duckie

Look at her trying to steal my grass when I am destracted
my grass !

Well then I am taking your duckie!

No, it's my duckie!

You can't have both!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Guess who's birthday it is today Yep! Ham turned 2 today!
He got a new toy and was happily chewing away on it

I tried to get him to let me play with it too but he was wanted to keep it to himself. I guess we could allow it being the birthday boy and all.

Still going...

at this moment I thought he was going to let me have a go!

But nope, he snatched it back

Boring! Where is my new toy?