Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Growing...soon I will be Godzilla size!!! bwhahahaha

I have noticed recently that I am getting bigger. I can now reach the top of the kitchen counters which I am able to lick clean. Mom isn't very happy about this and tends to scold me if she catches me. Dunno why. You'd think she'd be happy for me to help her clean??

I am now also able to open the back screen door. So when Mom wants to go outside by herself (What's she thinkin'?!) I bang on the door and let myself out. Mom isn't happy about this either.

I have also taken to poking Mom on the back of the legs with my nose or a toy if I feel she isn't walking fast enough. This is especially funny if she is trying to balance a bowl of water. But you guessed it - Mom isn't happy about that either! Geez! I find it hilarious!

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Judy said...

Bet Mom wouldn't trade the experience with you for anything!! I know about these dog moms.